When a loved one is lost, it can greatly disrupt the day-to-day life. Often people don’t know how to react or easily move on. They need the support of their friends and family to help them get through such a trying time in their life. At times words just aren’t enough, or you don’t know what to say to help. That is where a gift basket can say a lot more than you might think. It could be a chance for them to take time for some self-care, an activity to take their mind off things for a short time, or even a simple reminder to nibble on some food. Here are a few gift baskets that can help say “I’m here for you.”

Food items are wonderful to include in gift baskets. They are usually pre-packaged, non-perishable foods that won’t go bad quickly. The person in mourning might lose their appetite for large meals, or just don’t have the energy to cook. They can nibble on the treats in the gift basket when they’re up to it not worrying about if it’s gone bad. Some of our favorite food gift baskets are:

$52 Classic Basket filled with Pepperidge farm cookies, crackers & goldfish along with pretzels, peanuts & candy.
Italian Sausage & Gouda Cheese Basket filled with spicy Italian sausage, gouda round, tangy mustard, and more. It’s a great meal without a lot of prep work.
Fruit & Snack Basket comes with an apple, banana, and pear for a healthy, refreshing choice. It also comes with Milanos, Goldfish crackers, and more.

How To Create A Respectful Sympathy Gift Basket 1
How To Create A Respectful Sympathy Gift Basket 2

Spa & cosmetic baskets give them a chance to relax and take a moment to focus on themselves instead of the recent death. This can include refreshing soaps, body washes, candles, essential oils, and more. Having a relaxing bath or shower can be amazing for the mind and body. It won’t take away the pain, but it does help. Some of our favorites are:

Spa Metal Tub filled with tranquil spa features such as a bath bomb, lotion, shower scrunchie, exfoliating sponge, and more.
Lavender Chamomile Spa Basket filled with a relaxing lavender body scrub, bath bomb, mesh sponge, and much more.

Memorial gift baskets can help them set up something for their loved ones to remind them of the wonderful times with that person. It can be a beautiful flower they keep by the headstone or something at home they can look at with a smile. Some of our favorites are:

Birdbath with Planting Seeds is filled with seeds that will attract hummingbirds, butterflies, and bumblebees. It comes in a birdbath that your new visitors can have a quick drink from.
Large Birdhouse is filled with more treats such as Pepperidge Farm crackers, caramel popcorn, chocolate covered pretzels, and more. It comes with a gorgeous that can invite in little birds to create a comfy nest.

How To Create A Respectful Sympathy Gift Basket 3