The Perfect Easter Gift Baskets For Every Bunny 1The Perfect Easter Gift Baskets For Every Bunny 2The Perfect Easter Gift Baskets For Every Bunny 3

The Perfect Easter Gift Baskets For Every Bunny

Let’s face it Easter is like a second Christmas. Who doesn’t love coming into the living room to see what that sneaky bunny put into your Easter basket this year! At Jenny’s Gift Baskets we take the guesswork out of what to get for your children, your spouse, family members, or even close friends All of our gift baskets are put together with care, without any fillers, and they are delivered safely to their final destination. Here are four Easter baskets you can’t go wrong with:

  • Our Standard Easter Basket: This basket is filled with all kinds of goodies! It comes with delicious caramel popcorn, Twix eggs, Goldfish, Jelly Belly Jelly Beans, and more. All of this has a value of $55.
  • Cotton Candy Easter Basket: You can choose between pink or blue for this basket. It comes with Twix eggs, Pepperidge Farm Butter Crackers, Milano cookies, and more. What sets these baskets apart is they come with either pink cotton candy or blue cotton candy. Either one of these baskets will cost your $45.
  • Cotton Tails Box: If you’re looking for a less expensive gift, our Cotton Tails Box only costs $16! In this box, you’ll get Easter jelly beans, Cotton Tails cheese balls, and a cuddly stuffed bunny. This is perfect for a close friend or a child in your life.
  • Large Easter Box: While this isn’t the biggest Easter box we offer at Jenny’s Gift Baskets, it’s still pretty huge! This box provides Chocolate Dutch mints, chocolate covered graham crackers, chocolate peanut butter eggs, goldfish, and more! For $65, you can have all of these treats to share with your favorite bunny.

Jenny’s Gift Baskets can cater to any ideal basket style or size that you’re looking for! Call us to discuss your gift basket needs, and head over to our shop to find the perfect basket for any occasion!